Diabetes – living well with the right attitude

We will show you how it works – from the nutritional plan to the right blood sugar meal at home and the setting of insulin syringes with the insulin pen.


Measuring blood glucose is no longer a problem with modern measuring instruments. We provide you with your own recipe and the appropriate test strips.


Anyone who suffers from diabetes and has to inject insulin several times a day becomes a professional by itself. We give some tips for the proper handling of insulin.


Allergies are a challenge for everyday life

Most common among allergies are food and pollen allergies. The body suddenly develops antibodies to substances that it has previously tolerated well. Our body reacts with the well-known symptoms such as itching, rash, dripping nose, but also diarrhea and vomiting. Doctors advise, even at the first slight symptoms, to see a doctor quickly so that hay fever does not turn into chronic asthma.

Tips for allergy sufferers:

  • Find out in good time through a pollen schedule about the current spread of allergenic substances
  • Have emergency medications ready.
    Avoid smoking so as not to irritate your respiratory system.
  • Experts recommend that allergy sufferers take a shower several times a day during the pollen season and change their clothes at bedtime – and leave them outside the room where they sleep.
  • In addition to allergy-suppressing agents, hyposensitization prevents an allergic reaction. The doctor brings the body over a longer period in contact with light doses of the allergen, so he slowly gets used to it and no longer respond.
  • We support you with words and deeds when it comes to allergies and their treatment. Talk to us – we are happy to advise you!

Beauty needs quality Only in your pharmacy you will receive cosmetics and care products of the highest quality tailored to your needs. We advise you professionally on skin compatibility and effectiveness – for your personal well-being. We carry the following international cosmetics brands for you:

Ajona®,   Allgäuer Latchenkiefer®,   Aminomed®,   Aronal®,   Avène®,   Bedan®,   Biorepair®,   Blendamed®,   Compeed®,   Colgate®,   Corega®,   Corsodyl®,   Dax Wax®,   Dermasel®,   Dresdner Essenz®,   Durex®,   Elmex®,   Eucerin®,   Freioel®,   Futuro®,   Gehwohl®,   Gerlavit®,   Gilette®,   Gum®,   Hansaplast®,   Innèov®,   Kneipp®,   Kukident®,   Lacalut®,   Ladival®,   Linola®,   Listerine®,   Medipharma®,   Meridol®,   Nivea®,  Odolmed®,   One Drops Only®,   Oral-B®,   Palmer`s®,   Paradontax®,   PearlsDents®,   Pedisoft®,   Penaten®,   Physiogel®,   Protefix®,   Rausch®,   Rembrandt®,   Rugard®,   Sagella®,   Salviagalen®,   Sebamed®,   Sulfoderm®,   Tepe®,   Tetesept®,   Vademecum®,   Vichy®,   Weleda®

The power of nature More and more people are relying on the healing powers of nature. But “natural” does not always mean “safe”. So that you do not experience nasty surprises during self-medication, you should always resort to medicinal herbal bottlings from your pharmacy – only these ensure a consistent quality and are guaranteed to be free of impurities. We advise you on possible side effects, dosages and medications from medicinal herbs for you.

Incontinence – you are not alone!

Hardly any topic is as ashamed as incontinence. There are many types of incontinence, women are affected more often than men, older people more often than younger ones. The causes are different according to gender and age – just as different are the forms of therapy.

We are happy to provide contact to self-help groups – you will soon discover: Incontinence will no longer limit your quality of life.
We advise you discreetly – and give you free samples, so that you can find the optimal solution for yourself.

Even the most exotic places in the world are only a few hours flight away and entice with tropical beaches and exciting adventures. To make your vacation an unforgettable experience, we accompany you with the right health care – from vaccinations to first-aid kits

Did you know that:

  • Every year about 20 Germans die from malaria?
  • Does polio also affect adults?
  • Mosquito repellent and hygiene in the diet are necessary despite all precautions?
  • More than half of all travelers on vacation?

We help you with technology and know-how to optimally prepare your holiday. For this, we are networked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and constantly receive up-to-date data on travel vaccinations and health care around the globe at the click of a mouse, ensuring that you are well-protected when traveling on holiday.

All we need is your destination, age, weight, vaccination information, which you enter in our travel vaccination order form. We develop an individual travel vaccination plan for you and discuss it with you as part of our vaccination consultation and provide the necessary medication for your vaccination appointment to the doctor.