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The pharmacy at ZOO is a pharmaceutical competence and service center in the city-west of Berlin and your knowledgeable contact person for all questions relating to health.

Health is often not a matter of luck, much depends on the lifestyle. Whether someone feels healthy and well, is largely in their own responsibility. As pharmacy experts, we are your partner for all problems that affect your health. Our first goal is to maintain the patient’s health.

We pick up your individual situation and advise you in a friendly, committed and competent manner. Our warehouse contains about 6000 different domestic medicines and our wholesale partners provide with 8 deliveries per day for a fast and comprehensive supply of medicines.

In addition, individual custom-made products as well as sensitization solutions are quickly supplied. Get to know our pharmacy online now. Above all, we look forward to a personal visit. The pharmacy at the ZOO presents its offer.

pre-order medicines Body care and cosmetic products

True beauty comes from inside – care should still be. From a variety of products from different manufacturers, we help you to find the right one for you. Pamper your skin with a product adapted to your needs. Make an appointment by phone for your care consultation in our pharmacy!

Ajona®,   Allgäuer Latchenkiefer®,   Aminomed®,   Aronal®,   Avène®,   Bedan®,   Biorepair®,   Blendamed®,   Compeed®,   Colgate®,   Corega®,   Corsodyl®,   Dax Wax®,   Dermasel®,   Dresdner Essenz®,   Durex®,   Elmex®,   Eucerin®,   Freioel®,   Futuro®,   Gehwohl®,   Gerlavit®,   Gilette®,   Gum®,   Hansaplast®,   Innèov®,   Kneipp®,   Kukident®,   Lacalut®,   Ladival®,   Linola®,   Listerine®,   Medipharma®,   Meridol®,   Nivea®,  Odolmed®,   One Drops Only®,   Oral-B®,   Palmer`s®,   Paradontax®,   PearlsDents®,   Pedisoft®,   Penaten®,   Physiogel®,   Protefix®,   Rausch®,   Rembrandt®,   Rugard®,   Sagella®,   Salviagalen®,   Sebamed®,   Sulfoderm®,   Tepe®,   Tetesept®,   Vademecum®,   Vichy®,   Weleda®

Our service for you

Special medicines can not be obtained privately as a customer. We are happy to help and order the desired drug directly from the manufacturer. We are happy to check your order and provide you as soon as possible (manufacturer dependent) the product available.

In some situations, temporary use of specialized medical devices is required. Buying them is often too expensive. We therefore offer you our rental service : You receive high-quality and well-maintained medical products from our pharmacy for a small monthly fee at your personal disposal. Let our employees advise you.

Here is an excerpt from our rental program:

  • Digital baby scales
  • Electric breast pumps Medela
  • Blood Pressure Monitors

Orders that reach us by phone, e-mail or fax until midnight are usually shipped within the city on the same day. Subsequent orders will be shipped the following working day.
The delivery service is within the city area and 20km radius for free!

In addition to the items from our free choice range and products subject to a pharmacy, prescription medicines may also be supplied upon presentation or receipt of a prescription.

In addition to our current offering, we are constantly striving to make new health products available online for you. Requests for products that are not yet listed in the shop, we process immediately.

Compression stockings – nice & helpful

There are a number of reasons why you should wear compression stockings.

A very pleasing reason is associated with a long-distance trip, which condemns a but on the plane too long “squat”. Especially with “holiday machines” whose seats are placed closer to each other, the seating is very detrimental to a good circulation of the leg veins. “Travel stockings” that do not really have to be made to measure should be a pleasant travel companion.

Who needs surgery or varicose veins and other circulatory disorders of a custom-made stocking or pantyhose, may like to contact us, because we can measure such and quickly get to be able to. With properly seated compression stockings, it lives livelier and healthier.

Please arrange with us a morning appointment that we can make the measurements on an “unloaded leg”.

Beratungstermin vereinbaren

Where to go with expired pills or the old cough syrup? The safest way of disposal is through our pharmacy. In order to relieve you and at the same time not burden the environment unnecessarily, we ask you to deliver dilapidated drugs collected in our pharmacy. We ensure the proper recycling and ensure that the active substances contained in the medication are completely burned and thus rendered harmless and thank you for your help.

Nursing is an important topic in our pharmacy. Because every human being can meet it. Be it through the natural aging process, prolonged illness or an accident. That is why you will receive from us a comprehensive range of medical aids for home nursing and nursing.


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